La Jolla | Laura & Steven

I’m still drooling over this session from the Ho Chi Minh Trail in La Jolla, San Diego which ended up being a super adventurous shoot! In the middle of a multi-million dollar neighborhood we were able to find the “hidden” entrance to this public trail that takes you either, 1) up and right for some of the most epic, scenic cliffside views you’ve seen or 2) down and left for the winding, somewhat sketchy, path to the beach. The wide variety of scenery that we were able to experience was inspiring, whether it was cliff-sides, panoramic views, Antelope Valley-esque eroded passageways or black sand beaches. Fun Fact: this trail ends at the notorious nudist beach, Blacks beach.

Annnnd to continue with the fun facts, here are a few about Laura and Steven! 1) Not only are they some of my best friends from college but they are also 2) the most beautiful newly weds, 3) expert-level Friends fans, and 4) practically professional game-night hosts!