Carlsbad Flower Fields | Corinne & Molly

Looking for a So Cal hidden gem? I have three words for you... Carlsbad. Flower. Fields. 

Four words if you include "WOW!"

I have been hearing about these fields for some time since they are located right next to the Carlsbad Outlet malls... of which I have been known to frequent here and there. Can you say "discount shopping for the win?!"... I digress.  

After finally visiting, I can say without any doubt that the Carlsbad Flower Fields are a must see pit-stop in San Diego. For a $16 entrance ticket, you could easily spend hours strolling through the beautifully colored fields, snapping the most amazingly colored photos and visiting all of the family friendly attractions they have to offer.

There's fresh squeezed lemonade and homemade snacks, handmade goods and souvenirs, educational courses, a nursery, tractor rides, and a Sweet Pea maze. I challenge you to beat our record of 5 minutes and 30 seconds... It's harder than it looks. And if you're feeling extra lucky, you might be able to find a four-leaf clover in the planting pots! (After 5 minutes, we gave up searching :(. But they're there!)